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​Chance for India, US to resolve duty dispute as WTO defers ruling


NEW DELHI: The World Trade Organization has pushed back its dispute panel’s rulings on the US’ tiff with India, the EU and four others nations over higher duties on some steel and aluminium products to the second half of this year on account of the pandemic.

The development gives the Joe Biden-led US government more time to resolve the dispute through consultations.

Russia, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, and European Union too had dragged the US to the WTO on Washington’s move to impose 25% and 10% import duties on certain steel and aluminium products in 2018. The US had said the duties were measures for national security.


India had complained that the duties were inconsistent with provisions of the WTO’s General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1994, and of the Agreement on Safeguards. New Delhi had listed multiple violations of WTO norms, such as discrimination against its imports, introduction of restrictions in form of quotas and using tariffs to get other countries to agree to “voluntary export restraints”, as the basis for the complaint, after which a panel was established by the Dispute Settlement Body in December 2018.

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