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Announcing our first Bitcoin Core developer grants


By Nemil Dalal, Group Product Manager

In October, we announced the launch of the Crypto Community Fund, with an initial focus in Bitcoin Core development. Today we’re excited to announce the Fund’s first Bitcoin developer grants for 0xB10C (@0xB10C) and João Barbosa (@promag).

Both candidates demonstrated a consistent history of contributing to Bitcoin Core, and provided the Fund’s advisory board (Dan Boneh, Carla Kirk-Cohen, Anthony Towns, Amiti Uttarwar, Felix Weis) with a clear, actionable outline of the projects they intend to work on. They will both be funded to work on Bitcoin for all of 2021, with their grants funded in Bitcoin or USD based on the recipient’s preference.

0xB10C (Github) plans to build and improve existing open source tools, including a web interface visualizing forks on, for example, the new Signet test network. His work builds on his previous efforts launching mempool.observer and transactionfee.info. Additionally, he will continue to publish research articles (example) on how the Bitcoin network is being used, provide review on Bitcoin Core PRs, and help improve functional testing.

João Barbosa (Github) is hoping to improve the Bitcoin Core UI on Android and iOS. With the Crypto Community Fund grant, he plans to focus on developing a Bitcoin Core GUI based on the Qt Quick framework. The Fund’s advisory board also values João’s previous work on code reviewing, and wanted to ensure he could continue in the future.

The Crypto Community Fund grantees will provide periodic updates about their work through public blog posts. The Fund’s advisory board will continue to review any and all proposals submitted to it by January 11, 2021.

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