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India’s YoY sugar production till Feb jumps 20%: ISMA


India’s year-on-year sugar production till February 28, 2021 is higher by 20% when compared to sugar production during the same period of previous year. Increase in sugar production has been mainly due to a jump of 67% till February over previous year, in the sugar production of Maharashtra, said a release from industry body Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA).

“During 2020-21 SS, from October 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021, 502 sugar mills had started operations as against 453 sugar mills which had operated last year till February 29, 2020. 98 sugar mills across the country have ended their operations by February 28, 2021. Last year, 70 sugar mills had closed their crushing operations during a comparable period,” said the ISMA release.

These 502 sugar mills in the country have together produced 233.77 lac tons of sugar till February 28 2021, as compared to 194.82 lac tons produced by 453 mills last season till February29, 2020.

In Maharashtra, sugar production till February 28 2021 was 84.85 lac tons, compared with 50.70 lac tons produced last year in the same period. In the current 2020-21 SS, out of 188 sugar mills operated, 12 sugar mills have ended their crushing due to non-availability of cane in their area, most of them in Solapur region. Last year in the same period, 25 sugar mills had ended their operations for the season 2019-20, but that was out of 145 mills that had operated last year. In other words, as on February 28 2021, 176 sugar mills were crushing as against 120 sugar mills last year on the same day.

In U.P. 109 sugar mills are in operation currently, while 11 mills have stopped their crushing operations, most of them in Eastern U.P. region. These mills in the state have produced 74.20 lac tons of sugar till February 28 2021, compared with 76.86 lac tons produced by 119 mills as on February 28 , 2020.

According to ISMA, in the case of Karnataka, till February 28 2021, 66 sugar mills operated in the current season and have produced 40.53 lac tons, as compared to 32.60 lac tons produced by 63 sugar mills which operated last year, till February 29, 2020. During the current season, out of 66 mills which operated, 52 mills have already ended their crushing. Last year in the same period, out of 63 sugar mills which operated, 34 sugar mills had ended their crushing operations by February 29, 2020.

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