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Interview: Bitcoin Smart Contracts With Ben Carman


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In this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with rising Bitcoin developer Ben Carman to discuss his cutting-edge work in the Bitcoin smart contracting space, as well as controversy and disputes that Carman finds himself in as he trolls Bitcoin Twitter.

Carman and Keroles first met far before Carman’s rise to prominence in the Bitcoin community at the BitBlockBoom conference in 2019. Since then, Carman has joined SuredBits as a leader in discreet log contract (DLC) technology. DLCs show promise as the smart contracting and oracle layer for the Bitcoin financial stack. Carman has since built Krystal Bull, which is a wallet for hosting an oracle. Carm threw in his two cents on the Taproot activation discussion and educated Keroles about all of the benefits and features that Taproot enables.

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