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rao inderjit singh: DMEO to evaluate 28 centrally sponsored schemes: Rao Inderjit Singh


The Development, Monitoring and Evaluation Office, under the aegis of NITI Aayog, has undertaken the evaluation of centrally sponsored schemes under 28 umbrella schemes, planning minister Rao Inderjit Singh said in response to a question in Rajya Sabha.

“To consider continuation of umbrella centrally sponsored schemes (UCSS) in the 15th Finance Commission cycle, DMEO was mandated by the department of expenditure (DoE) to undertake third party evaluations of 28 UCSS,” minister Singh said on Thursday, adding DMEO undertook the evaluation of the centrally sponsored schemes under these 28 UCSS.

These include agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries; the women and child development; human resource development; urban transformation; rural development, drinking water and sanitation; health; jobs and skills; water resources; environment and forest; and social inclusion law & order and justice delivery.

“Evaluation of scheme/program is a continuous process and DMEO will continue to undertake evaluations as per need and in consultation with related stakeholders,” minister Singh said.

According to the statement, the evaluation studies have been undertaken with the support of external consultants, who were selected through an open tender advertisement process

The minister, further said, for concurrent monitoring of schemes and programs DMEO, in coordination with around 68 ministries and departments, has developed an Output Outcome Monitoring Framework (OOMF) for central Sector (CS) and centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) having combined annual outlay of around Rs 10 lakh crore.

“The objective of this framework is to strengthen the outcome-based monitoring of schemes and programs of the government of India for the effective management of limited public resources and to facilitate their deeper and broader impact,” he added.

Further, to facilitate the monitoring of schemes, DMEO has developed an online dashboard wherein the targets are captured and periodic progress is updated by respective ministry and departments. “This enables all stakeholders to monitor the performance of schemes,” he said.

“In addition, for continuance of central sector schemes (CS) in the 15th Finance Commission cycle, all ministries and departments were mandated by the DoE to undertake third party evaluations of their respective schemes,” he added.

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