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Reimagining Beyond Order In Bitcoin


Rule I: Do Not Carelessly Denigrate Governments Or Bitcoin

A reimagination of Beyond Order by Jordan Peterson through the lens of Bitcoin.


This is part 1 of a 12-part series. In an imaginary Venn diagram of Bitcoin and Beyond Order, this writing would reflect the shared values contained in the center. All quotes are credited to Jordan Peterson. All reflections are inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Loneliness and Confusion

Recall the first time you tried explaining how Bitcoin works. Remember, humbly, how much you didn’t know. Looking forward, the only way to make sense of profound subject matter is to discuss it openly and figure out what you don’t know. You will feel exposed, vulnerable, or embarrassed—good. That signal is your precursor to growth. Don’t waste that opportunity. Follow through by seeking the answers. Expose your ignorance through conversation. That takes courage, not stupidity. Blind spots will appear, illuminating your learning path. Rinse and repeat—it becomes cathartic.

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